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​Mono Opera "Hearn’s Sunflower"




Mono Opera “Hearn’s Sunflower” by Fujieda Mamoru

A requiem for the sea world -- the reminiscence of the summer days in Ireland


This opera is inspired by Lafcadio Hearn’s short story “Sunflower.”  It is among the stories in Kwaidan, Hearn’s masterpiece containing Japanese ghost stories.  


“Sea boundary” is an essential element for the opera.  Sea boundary is a kind of sacred boundary between this world and the other. Songs with harp lead us beyond the sea world as memories of the past and a requiem for Robert, Hearn’s friend.  Also, Ariel’s song from the tempest by Shakespeare will be sung.  It is quoted at the end of Hearn’s sunflower.


Fujieda Mamoru composed this opera and will be premiered on June 26th, 2021 at Moromoto Noh Theater in Fukuoka, Japan. Noh Theater is built to perform Japanese traditional Noh opera.  In this performance, a heroin sings and dances with a chamber ensemble (harp, violin, violoncello, and clarinet) will perform at Noh theater to combine the western culture with Japanese through Lafcadio Hearn’s story.


Those who are interested in this opera can watch it on the Internet!  

Those living in Japan can order the online ticket from:PIA LIVE Stream P code: 781859

Those living outside Japan  please email to (  Further information will be sent to you. 

Flyer No. 1 --> Click here!
Flyer No 2 (detailed information on the opera and performers in Japanese) --> Click here!
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