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Fukuoka Kammer Philharmonie



Fukuoka Kammerphilharmonie was founded by Tanamachi Yukinori and Oba Hideki in 2006.

Focusing on the genre of chamber music, Fukuoka Kammer Philharmonie engages in activities to perform the appeal of chamber works from various eras and composers. A variety of performers are invited for each performance. This makes it possible to accommodate performances of various works. At the launching performance, Gustav Mahler's SymphonyNo. 4 (chamber music version arranged by Schoenberg and Stein) was premiered in Kyushu.

In recent years, Fukuoka Kammer Philharmonie has been trying to expand the range of repertoire by adding dance to small ensembles. With the dancer Koga Honami (Director of Koga Honami Ballet Research Institute), Stravinsky "Soldier's Story", Ravel "Ma Mère l'Oye", Rimsky-Korsakov "Scheherazade", Saint-Saens  "The Carnival of Animals".

This mono opera is a new challenge to combine dance and singing with the traditional chamber music.

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